lobi tiny mask
small beautiful Lobi masquette
talisman necklave Ethiopia
Ethiopian necklace of talismans probably silver
Ethiopian sandals possibly for the baths
Ethiopian sandals ,maybe used for the baths
maconde four halve faces
Maconde sculpture. function unknown .Mocambique
tiny lobi figure monumental presnce
miniature Lobi with serious attitude
Lobi maternity small and complex
lovely and complex small Lobi maternity
Zulu necklace with grass core
old Zulu bead collar
nyamwezi,luguru or maconde top quality
magnificent Nyamwezi Luguru or Maconde
temne sierra leone
Temne Sierra Leone
yombe mangbetu powerfigure Congo
Yombe or Mangbetu power figure Congo
headrest dinka sudan differing flankss
Sudan Dinka headrest with differing flanks
mwila or herero headrest namibia
Mwila or Herero headrest Namibia or
ethiopia bell shaped headrest
Ethiopia headrest bell shape
headrest with human looking legs Ethiopiaa
wonderful headrest with “human ‘ legs
headrest kambatta Ethiopia top quality
top quality Kambatta seven pillared headrest Ethiopia
headrest flared decor solid
solid slightly a -symmetrically worn Ethiopian headrest
exquisitely shaped me-em headrest Ethipopia
exquisitely shaped me-em headrest
fang figure ,her coifufure is damaged
Fang figure her coiffure is damaged but does not diminish her presence
dinka sudan headrest with shell cartridge decor
fantastic elegant Dinka seat/headrest from the Sudan. the decoration is empty shell cartridges
fang equatoruial guinee
an ethereal refined Fang figure from Equatorial Guinea



tsokwe congo masquette
small exquisite Tsokwe mask Congo
kuba ,congo headrest
Kuba headrest Congo


rare equisite woman,s headrest Dinka Sudan
a rare and exquisite woman,s headrest Dinka ,Sudan.