yoruba twin figure


Fang. dance mace head or fetiche
lega head
Lega head Congo,use unknown.
superb ibo mask nigeria
a small superb Ibo mask,
very rare and spectacular Herero headrest Namibia
Konso headrest Ethioia
Konso headrest Ethiopia , solid  and heavy , with remnants of red paint.
unusual shape ,well used Ethiopian headrest
moon cerscent shaped headrest Ethipoia
crescent moon shaped headrest Ethiopia
basketto headrest Ethiopia
basketto Ethiopia
vintage and top quality wire basket (18cm across) south africa probably around 1940
18cm across wire basket .from the forties. south africa.finest work. like the retina of pre historic predator. fabulous.
magnificent lega or related figure
Lega ,or related culture , figure Congo .
fulani headrest star of david
lovely old Fulani headrest with a so called “camel”foot
Zulu necklace with grass core
old Zulu bead collar
headrest dinka sudan differing flankss
Sudan Dinka headrest with differing flanks.a grand large and heavy prestigious headrest.
mwila or herero headrest namibia
Mwila or Herero headrest Namibia or
ethiopia bell shaped headrest
Ethiopia headrest bell shape
headrest with human looking legs Ethiopiaa
wonderful headrest with “human ‘ legs
headrest flared decor solid
solid slightly a -symmetrically worn Ethiopian headrest elegantly decorated
dinka sudan headrest with shell cartridge decor
fantastic elegant Dinka seat/headrest from the Sudan. the decoration is empty shell cartridges
kuba ,congo headrest
Kuba headrest Congo
rare equisite woman,s headrest Dinka Sudan
a rare and exquisite woman,s headrest Dinka ,Sudan.