african tribal art and artifacts a private collection

Introducing and offering our African tribal art and artifacts collection for sale.

Tribal ritual sculpture,  masks,  seats ,beads ,  textiles, tribal weaponry  and the collection of headrests.

Ritual sculpture  from the Fang the Vuvi ,Fang ,Tsogo the Ibo and Yoruba  the Bamun and related cultures of Cameroun. There are some marvelous old” colons”   from the Maconde and Baoule.

the headrests are mainly east African , from Ethiopia  the Sudan Kenya  and Nguni areas.

I shall change the photo,s  ( click “gallery” ) from time to time as it is not possible to show the entire, diverse and eclectic collection .

All inquiries welcome ,the contact form is secured . No information will be shared with any third party.

Viewing is in South Africa, where we live with our collection, our home , not  in a commercial venue of any kind.